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Gottlieb's flagship product is the GZ91 wheelchair lift.

The GZ91 wheelchair lift is available in three sizes: Standard, for large and medium sized vehicles; compact, for small and medium sized vehicles, and compact special, in accordance with German standards.
The GZ91 lift loads and unloads the wheelchair to the vehicle's right or left side, by choice.
The GZ91 lift opens the fiberglass cover at a minimal angle, thus enabling loading and unloading the wheelchair even in roofed parking spaces.
The GZ91 lift is attached to the vehicle's roof like a rack, requiring no drilling, and thus can be easily moved from one vehicle to another.
The GZ91 lift lowers the wheelchair using a movable mechanical arm, which maintains its track in any position, even if the vehicle is parked on the sidewalk or on steep downhill or uphill sections.
The GZ91 lift is powered by the car battery, and requires less power than 30 seconds of parking lights.
The GZ91 lift is made of stainless steel, which undergoes electropolish, thus maintaining a shiny appearance and long lasting reliability.
The roof lift can also be used to lift electric power wheelchairs:
roof lift
roof lift

Gottlieb installs a special seat, which enables the user to slide comfortably to the vehicle:
sliding comfortably to the vehicle
special seat

Gottlieb also installs imported lifts for vans:
imported lifts for vans
imported lifts for vans
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