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Gottlieb's main product range is the GZ91 wheelchair storage and lifting device.

The GZ91 fits any car like a standard luggage rack, and can be easily transferred to another car without scratching or otherwise damaging the roof. The wheelchair can be raised and lowered on either side of the car. GZ91 has a special tough rustproof steel movable arm, so that it can be adjusted to unload the wheelchair at the location and angle best suited to the user; even if the car is parked with two wheels on the sidewalk or up or down hill, the wheelchair will reach its adjusted location without touching the side of the car. GZ91 is powered by the car battery, and uses less power than the parking lights.

Major organizations that have purchased the GZ91 include the Ministry of Defense's Rehabilitation Department, the National Insurance Institute of Israel, European companies and organizations, and Israeli and international disabled individuals.
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